Low-Pass Filtering SGD for Recovering Flat Optima in the Deep Learning Optimization Landscape

Devansh Bisla, Jing Wang, Anna Choromanska
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A Theoretical-Empirical Approach to Estimating Sample Complexity of DNNs

Devansh Bisla, Apoorva Nandini, Anna Choromanska
CVPR - TCV, 2021

Towards Automated Melanoma Detection with Deep Learning Data Purification and Augmentation.

Devansh Bisla, Anna Choromanska, Jennifer A. Stein, David Polsky, Russell Berman
CVPR - ISIC, 2019
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VisualBackProp for learning using privileged information with CNNs

Devansh Bisla, Anna Choromanska
Arxiv, 2018
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